Underground Power Cable Installation, Knightdale, NC

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Avoid unsightly aerial cables with our underground power cable installation services.

If you are developing a large plot of land into a housing development, a retail complex or another commercial or large-scale venture, you may need to think about underground power cable installation. Aerial power cables have some advantages, in that they are easier to replace and repair, but they have many disadvantages as well, including their aesthetics and the fact that they are more likely to need repair. Underground power cable installation should be done early on in a development project. Contact us here at Airo Splicing, LLC and we can discuss your needs for underground power cables in or near Knightdale, North Carolina.

Underground Power Cable Installation in Knightdale, North Carolina

You are already making a significant investment in your development and completing the appropriate underground infrastructure will help that investment pay off in the end. We have decades of experience in the cabling industry and are committed to delivering superior results to our customers, including you. We have the equipment and trained personnel needed to complete even large-scale underground power cable installations efficiently and cost-effectively.

Once you ask us to tackle your underground power cable installation, you can be sure that we will obtain the necessary private property or right of way permits to do the job. We will use the 811 system to identify any existing utilities and assess the soil condition to determine the correct equipment to use and procedure to follow. We will also proceed cautiously, realizing that sometimes there are unrecorded utilities that can easily be damaged needlessly. Call today to discuss any underground cabling needs you have, including power cables, phone cables or fiber optics.