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Get quality underground fiber installation results.

Talk to us at Airo Splicing, LLC about quality underground fiber installation! Large communication companies trust our organization in Knightdale, North Carolina with the underground fiber installation process because we are experienced, detail-oriented, and committed to superior results. Our owners have been overseeing underground fiber installation projects for decades, so you can rest assured your communications operation will benefit from our experience and expertise.

Underground Fiber Installation in Knightdale, North Carolina

Underground fiber installation can require a significant investment, but with our team, we make any project cost-effective. This is partially due to our efficient installation practices and partially due to our ongoing relationships with fiber optics suppliers and manufacturers. We pass savings onto our partners whenever possible to ensure that installing a new fiber optics system or upgrading a current one is well worth the capital expenditure.

Why Your Business Should Switch to Fiber

Building a reliable network for your customers is easier said than done, especially with the limited connectivity capabilities of most service providers today. Build reliability, high speeds, and impressive connection capabilities into your network by investing in a fiber optic system. Here are just a few reasons why fiber is the way to go for your application:

  • Speed—Hands down, fiber optic networks are much, much faster than your traditional copper connection. During periods of high demand, you want your network to provide adequate speeds, and fiber optic cabling makes this happen.
  • Reliability—Service outages are bad for business. Fiber optic cabling is almost immune to damage, so outage times can become a thing of the past for your operation. Fiber optic cables are much stronger than copper lines, making them less susceptible to damage from the weather and elements. This means you do not have to worry when a storm hits, and you can also reduce your repair budget to maintain your network setup.
  • Signal strength—The further a customer moves away from the switch with a traditional network setup, the less reliable their signal becomes. Fiber optic cabling, in comparison, provides consistent signal strength, no matter where your customers use the network.

Our team installs underground fiber optic cabling, and we can help you successfully initiate the setup of a new fiber optic system for your customers to take advantage of. Contact us today for additional information about why fiber is the future.

Our underground fiber installation process is comprehensive, and no detail is overlooked. We do everything from obtaining private property and right-of-way permits to performing soil condition assessments to determine the best equipment for the installation. We also use directional boring to install fiber optic cables, which is a technique that involves using a boring machine to create holes for cable underneath the surface of a site.

If your fiber optics company could benefit from the experience and expertise we offer at Airo Splicing, LLC, we want to hear from you! Contact us today to find out more about our installation methods.