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Economically and efficiently install new fiber optic cabling within ducts.

Underground jetting is a process that involves moving a cable through a duct while pushing the cable into the duct at the same time. At Airo Splicing, LLC, we start by injecting compressed air at the duct inlet and letting it run along the cable at an incredibly high speed. This air moves the cable forward and causes the pressure within the duct to drop. Pulling is another method used to get fiber optic cables into underground ducts, but underground jetting is the better solution for the following reasons:

Underground Jetting in Knightdale, North Carolina

  • We can reach longer installation distances
  • The force exerted on the cable is lower
  • Equipment is only needed at a singular end of the duct route
  • The distance of installation is less dependent on undulations and bends within the duct
  • Minimal risk of tension damage
  • Reduced costs

Since underground jetting is also faster than the traditional pulling method, you can reduce installation costs and enjoy the high speeds associated with a fiber optic system sooner.  Our team based in Knightdale, North Carolina oversees all aspects of the jetting process and ensures everything goes smoothly from beginning to end.

Economical, efficient, and safe for successfully placing fiber optic cables, underground jetting is your best option for the installation of fiber within micro-ducts. For an estimate on an underground jetting project or to find out more about our expertise and experience, reach out to us at Airo Splicing, LLC today.