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Using manhole systems for your underground cabling makes maintenance, repair and future upgrades easier.

When you think of manhole systems, you might think about sewers and wastewater systems, but manhole systems are useful in the world of underground conduit and cabling systems as well. Why would you choose to include manhole systems for your underground power, phone or fiber optic systems? Manhole systems are especially useful in the following situations:

Manhole Systems in Knightdale, North Carolina

  • High density urban areas where cabling must be concentrated in a small area
  • Areas that require a significant load density for the cable network
  • Systems that are likely to be added to later

Manhole systems make accessing your underground cabling easier. They are usually designed and constructed with one or more precast concrete manholes. These large underground chambers frequently have four 8-foot walls and 4 cabling racks on each wall for a total of 16 cabling racks. They are ideal as a place to house multiple splices of cable and to assist with cable pulling during installation. Inside the manhole systems, you would expect to find many component parts, including racking equipment, ground rods, ladders, grade rings, and of course, a lid to cover it all.

If you are interested in learning if manhole systems are right for your next installation in or near Knightdale, North Carolina, contact us today here at Airo Splicing, LCC. We have decades of experience with cabling and the equipment and trained personnel needed to make sure that your manhole systems are installed successfully. We can take care of any needed maintenance, repairs and discuss future additions and upgrades to your system as well.