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Hydrovac services are a unique excavation method best completed by experts and professionals.

There is often more under our soil than we realize. In any developed area, including Knightdale, North Carolina, the underground soil is riddled with a complex and interlocking network of piping. Pipes for gas and heating materials, water, electricity, fiber optic cabling and more are just some of the things that could be damaged from careless digging. Here at Airo Splicing, LLC, we are all about efficiency. We want your communication abilities to be efficient with the right fiber optic cabling, we want our employees to be efficient through experience, and we want our digging to be efficient without harming any structures in the area. For this reason, when we have a client who needs precise and careful digging or excavation done, we are glad to recommend our hydrovac services to them.

Hydrovac Services in Knightdale, North Carolina

Hydrovac excavation is done with high-pressured water and vacuums, like the name implies. Working together simultaneously, high-powered jets of water work to break up the soil while a high-powered vacuum sucks the soil out of the way, allowing the hydrovac equipment to carefully, skillfully and precisely bore through the ground. This type of excavation is very carefully planned and executed to ensure that no existing structures or piping is damaged while also “drilling” a very meticulously sized hole for running utilities, piping or fiber optic cabling.

Hydrovac services require more skill, which makes our team at Airo Splicing, LLC perfect for the job. Because of our 63 years of combined experience, you can count on us to have the results you want from hydrovac services the first time and every time. Give us a call today to learn more about this unique form of excavation.


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