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Directional boring can give you the upgrades or repairs you need without as much disruption to the property.

When you are thinking of having new fiber optic cabling installed or making improvements to existing cabling, then often you need to consider the installation and repair, as well as the many advantages. Because the option of laying cables underground is a good one that lowers the need for environmental repairs, when it comes to changing or repairing your underground cables, you want to come up with the most economical and effective method of doing so. Here at Airo Splicing, LLC, we have over 63 years of experience in helping people with their fiber optic needs and can help fix this issue with directional boring services.

Directional Boring in Knightdale, North Carolina

Directional boring is a great solution for those companies that are looking to upgrade or install their fiber optic cabling, but also don’t want to disturb things like sidewalks, trees or other landscape features in order to do so. With a directional boring machine, we are able to bore into the ground in the direction needed from the most convenient place on the surface. This allows us to get where we need to go underground without disturbing the hardscape features up above. While there might be some disruption to some of the landscaping and still a need for trenching, directional boring is an overall better solution than traditional digging.

If you are looking to repair or upgrade cabling but are worried about the environmental impact it might have on your property, please contact us here at Airo Splicing, LLC in Knightdale, North Carolina to learn more. We would be happy to explain the benefits of directional boring.


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