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We can lay fiber optic cable underground with reliable processes and techniques.

Installing fiber optic cabling underground is a large project, but one that is beneficial for the sake of communication companies wishing to expand their service offerings and increase their profits. As your company prepares to widen its service area or initiate fiber optic connectivity options, partnering with us at Airo Splicing, LLC is a beneficial course of action.

Underground Services

We offer exceptional underground services to companies in Knightdale, North Carolina and beyond, and we can lay fiber optic cabling quickly, successfully, and cost-effectively. For most of our underground services, the preparation process is as follows:

  • Obtain right-of-way and private property permits based on the installation area
  • Use 811 to identify the location of existing underground utilities, including pipes and buried cables
  • Look into the condition of the soil to determine installation depth and what installation equipment can be used
  • Use specific project requirements to determine the type of conduit and fiber optic cable needed

One of the main methods we use to install fiber optic cabling after the above steps have been taken is referred to as directional boring. This technique involves using a boring machine to create a hole underneath the surface of the site. We then pull back conduit through the bore hole and use a compressor to blow the fiber optic cable through the conduit. We also offer building entry and fiber splicing services to complete your fiber optic project from start to finish.

Taking advantage of our underground services is an optimal way to ensure you are able to provide fast, reliable fiber optic connectivity options to your customer base. For additional information about laying fiber optic cable in a new service area or what makes us stand out, contact us at Airo Splicing, LLC today.


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