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In its simplest form, fiber cable termination involves adding connectors to the individual optical fibers within a cable. Before you can add any other equipment to these fibers, they must have connectors added through the termination process. Fiber terminators, when installed properly, will also protect the fibers within an optical system from dirt and damage while in use. Additionally, this process can prevent excessive light loss, which can make a network run more efficiently and smoothly.

Fiber Terminations in Knightdale, North Carolina

There are two main solutions for fiber terminations:

  1. Using connectors to join two fibers for the purpose of forming a temporary joint.
  2. Splicing, which involves connecting two bare fibers directly without the use of any connectors. This is a permanent method of termination.

With fiber terminations, the success of any project all goes back to the expertise of those doing the work. At Airo Splicing, LLC, we possess the necessary skill level and experience to manage fiber terminations with excellence.

Our goal is to make your fiber optic cabling system in Knightdale, North Carolina as efficient and beneficial for your organization as possible. Partner with us and we will ensure your fiber terminations are managed properly, and that, regardless of the termination method, you get the results you want.

Today, there are countless styles of connectors to fit with almost any fiber optic network plan for successful terminations. Let us guide your project to success – contact us at Airo Splicing, LLC to discuss fiber terminations and what our process involves.