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Bi-directional testing is a specialized service that we use to measure your fiber optics efficiency.

Here in the Knightdale, North Carolina area, we at Airo Splicing, LLC work with a lot of businesses. Many businesses value the ability to communicate clearly and effectively at the top of their list of priorities and have decided on fiber optic cabling as a great way to achieve this goal. Not only is fiber optic cabling effective, but it is often more effective than other methods, even wireless and DSL. Able to span longer distances, fiber optics are great for businesses that need that ability to communicate clearly throughout a larger property. Keeping your fiber optic cabling functioning can help you better communicate internally and with others. In order to ensure that your fiber optics are performing at the level you need them, testing can be done by our team here at Airo Splicing, LLC.

Bi-Directional Testing in Knightdale, North Carolina

There are a few different ways to test your fiber optics. A traditional test will be done with a single direction test, where we measure wavelengths from one point on a fiber to another. The speed with which the wave length reaches one point or another gives us data that we use to optimize your fiber optic cabling. With bi-directional testing, we are able to more easily perform tests like these and also have the wavelengths travelling to and from points, giving us better, more accurate data.

Bi-directional testing isn’t something that every fiber optics company can do, so it’s best to give us a call here at Airo Splicing, LLC if you are looking for this type of specialized service. To learn more about bi-directional testing, please contact us today.