Advantages of Underground
Fiber Installation

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At Airo Splicing, LLC, we specialize in installing and maintaining fiber optic cable. Our co-owners have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, so we are clearly big believers in the many benefits of this technology. In particular, underground fiber installation offers a number of distinct advantages over other placements and materials, and in this article, we’ll be going over a few of these.

Advantages of Underground Fiber Installation

  • One of the advantages of underground fiber installation is that it takes up less space than aerial cables do. Underground cables require a narrower band of land than above-ground ones, and they also have the advantage of not cluttering up the visual landscape with a lot of wires.
  • Safer from Damage. Another advantage of putting fiber optic cables, or any utility cables, underground is that doing so reduces the risk of them becoming damaged. Aerial cables are exposed to a multitude of potential damage sources, including severe weather, wildlife activity, human accidents, and more. Instead of taking that risk, we at Airo Splicing, LLC, recommend that you give us a call to enlist our underground fiber installation services.
  • Less Likely to Cause Damage. A third advantage of underground fiber installation is that your underground cables are unlikely to cause damage to anything or anyone else. Above-ground cables need to be installed on tall poles that can be knocked over into buildings, cars, or people. Even though broken fiber optic cables can’t electrocute anyone, installing them underground to begin with eliminates a great deal of unnecessary risk. If you are interested in our underground fiber installation services, just give us a call today at Airo Splicing, LLC.