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Cost-effectively install new fiber optic lines along existing utility poles.

At Airo Splicing, LLC, our capabilities for installing fiber optic cables extend to underground sites and aerially along lines of utility poles. Our aerial services are used often by communication companies in Knightdale, North Carolina and beyond, and we are eager to partner with you to help you expand your fiber optic service area and provide consistent, quick, and reliable internet connectivity solutions to your customer base.

Aerial Services

Our aerial services include both aerial cable installation and aerial placement. Essentially, this allows us to not only place the fiber cable lines along utility poles, but also to install them to align with connectivity plans delineated by your company.

Reasons to Choose Aerial Fiber

We may recommend our aerial services over our underground options if you want to maintain the ability to modify your fiber optic cable layout, so you can increase capacity in the future. Installing your fiber optic cabling above ground does make damage more likely, but making repairs is easier overall, since your lines remain accessible at all times.

Installing fiber cable above the ground on towers or poles also eliminates the need to dig underground. This is particularly beneficial when the ground of the installation site is uneven, rocky, or a combination of rocky and uneven. Because no digging or extensive site preparation is required, our aerial services are typically much more cost-effective than a standard dig-and-install project.

Beyond this, there are other reasons why you may want to choose our aerial services over standard buried cable options:

  • When you choose to install your aerial cables above ground, the process is often much faster, so you can get your network up and going in a limited period of time.
  • It does not matter which route you choose for your cables – we can install additional poles along the utility lines to ensure the cables go in the correct direction.
  • We can often set up the cables in close proximity to power transmission lines, allowing for pole sharing that further reduces the cost of installation.

Although aerial fiber is not always the right choice for every network and organization, it does offer some enticing advantages over digging trenches to lay new fiber optic cable.

Choose Us for the Installation

As your fiber optic cable installer, we have many ongoing relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of cabling materials, which allows us to keep our services as cost-effective as possible. We can also help you come up with a successful plan for installation based on the configuration of existing utility poles, so your company experiences fool-proof results following installation.

Additionally, we make the installation process as streamlined and simple for you as possible. We work hard to eliminate unforeseen project downtime and cut out headaches, so you can focus on the key objectives of your day.

Contact Us Today

We are eager to discuss your plans for fiber optic cabling installation, so contact us to find out more about our aerial services and capabilities. At Airo Splicing, LLC, we look forward to working with you!



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