Airo Splicing, LLC

Providing Optimal Internet Speed And Reliable Connections

Fiber Optics Splicing

Specializing In A High-Quality Approach To Fiber Optics Splicing

Aerial Placement

Make Use Existing Utility Poles With Aerial Placement Of Your Fiber Optic Cables.

Airo Splicing, LLC

Providing Optimal Internet Speed And Reliable Connections

Connect with the World. Connect with the Future.


Quality aerial placement done with expertise along various lengths of utility poles.

Fiber optic cable installation

Find out why large communication companies trust us with fiber optic cable installation.

Fiber Optics

Restore existing fiber optic cables through our meticulous method of fiber optics splicing.

Competitive pricing backed by incredible expertise with fiber optic cable installation.

At Airo Splicing, LLC, fiber optic cabling is our specialty, and we offer a variety of related services to meet the differing needs of large communication companies in our local area of Knightdale, North Carolina and beyond. Although fiber optic cables have grown in popularity over recent years for connecting individuals, businesses, communities, and the world, we have been in this business for over six combined decades, refining our approach, services, and methods as this form of technology has developed.

Our capabilities extend from splicing only to complete turn-key projects. For example, we offer aerial services, including aerial cable installation and placement, fiber optics splicing, consulting solutions, equipment layout design generation, and underground services, including directional boring, underground utility installation, and many others. More specifically, we specialize in multi- and single-mold fusion splicing, which creates permanent connections and lowers loss levels when compared with traditional, mechanical splicing methods.



General Contractor's license - public utilities communication

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Our goal is to help you improve data usage experiences for your communications company through skilled fiber optics installation and project management. Contact us today to find out more about forming a partnership with our trusted, experienced team at Airo Splicing, LLC.